The Former USS Shackle ARS 9 / USCGC MIghty Acushnet 167 is the Sole survivor of  4 to 6 USN salvage ships and fleet tugs  used  during world war two that transferred to the US Coast Guard for further service in 1946.  Now with  her future secure the "service period" of bringing her back on line begins.  Over the next five month will be critical for her new life. Starting with the Engineering Phase to the complete restoration process which brings her from the old life of sitting on a dock for the last three to four years,  to her new life with OCEAN GUARDIAN.   This very Special and historic ship who has never failed to bring her crews back home safe . She now has a chance to lead the way on a global level of oceanic protection and service. Her service in the U.S Navy and U.S Coast Guard covered years between 1944-2011. We are looking forward to seeing her serve many more years of faithful service and honor the men and women who have served aboard her. This is her legacy to "continue the mission" 


This is where your help makes all the difference with this historic rebuild,  let your support for the Acushnet be heard. with your support, you become part of a very special group who has made a difference in the future life of this wonderful ship. Once the rebuild is done we will be sending all those who give a new picture of the Acushnet (  in her new reconditioned form) signed by the hand-picked crew to show their thanks for supporting one of the greatest ships in history. 

If you would like to Volunteer your knowledge to restoring or serving on the mighty Acushnet please click the link to the right .

USCG- 1947
Mighty ACUSHNET: Former USCGC 167

Taking on the task of protecting the world's Oceans 



           Looking to the Past  "For the Future of our Planet".

The Mighty Acushnet being used for the following:

* environmental protection and remediation

* anti piracy
* Marine Anti-Poaching 
* Fisheries Enforcement

* oceanic clean up 

* Maritime law enforcement training

* Humanitarian missions 
* Scientific Research  with  government agencies, NGOs and Research Institutions.
* Ocean Guardian educational program and out reach 

* Operational  museum:


Vessel Specifications

Current Displacement: 500 long tons 

Length:213 ft 6 in (65.07 m)

Beam:39 ft (12 m)

Draught:14 ft 4 in (4.37 m)

Boats & landingcraft carried: 2​ 
* Crew: 25-30
* Passengers and crew up to 85 depending on mission   

* Emergency situation and rescue 300 passengers on board 
* Accommodation: 85 people
* Range 20,000 + nm at 12 knots

*Propulsion:Diesel-electric, four Fairbanks-Morse 6-cylinder opposed piston engines driving four generators and motors, driving two shafts with 3,460 shp (2.58 MW)

Speed: 15 + knots (28 km/h; 17 mph)