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OCEAN GUARDIAN Supports "Blue" the Film for bringing awareness to our current Ocean and wild life conditions around the world. But bringing awareness is only a small step in a very long journey that must be taken to bring our oceans back to a healthy natural State of balance. OCEAN GUARDIAN takes this very seriously,  bridging the gap from simple awareness to direct action so that the healing process can begin.


"The earths Ocean's is the very life center for our planet as it goes, so we go"  


We Understand it's hard for most people in their everyday lives to grasp the epic a mount of problem's that are going on with our oceans on a global level and how it effects each and every one of us everyday from the air we breath, to the food we eat. These are very real issues that threaten everyone and everything on our planet!  This is the very reason why OG  faces this threat head on in which failure for us is simply not an option. Please take the time to see "Blue" The film, to educate yourself and the one's you love on these issues, than help us take back our Ocean's for today, tomorrow and 

" For The Future Of Our Planet" 

 Ken Welch 

 President / CEO

 Ocean Guardian