Founded OCEAN GUARDIAN in 1997 as a simple T-shirt design to make people aware of the overwhelming issues going on with our oceans. Over the years it has transformed into an international non-profit organization that now takes direct action to protecting those very same oceans and the environment worldwide. Ken has a true passions for the Ocean's of the world and the people who are supported by these waters. He is a true Ocean warrior who surfs, dives and  protects wild life around the world. He has also served in two branches of a military, starting with the United States Navy serving on board the USS Midway ( 91-92 ) with VFA-195 Strike fighter squad, stationed in Atsugi, Japan.  He has also with  the United States Army working as a 12B Combat Engineer ( Sapper ) and a 12 N Heavy equipment operator.   Mr. Welch's educational background includes an Associates of General Studies degree from Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale Az. A  Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Communications, from the University of Northern Colorado and is Currently working on a Master of Arts degree in Natural Resources, Environmental and Global Sustainment at Virginia Tech University. 

President / CEO