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Mr. Ramsey is founder and president of EnviroStat, Inc. EnviroStat specializes in the development of and training on new and novel scientifically based methodologies to make defensible environmental decisions. These methodologies integrate project goals, quality control, scientific theory, and data interpretation into a single comprehensive decision making approach. Mr. Ramsey also directs, coordinates and facilitates specific activities to meet project and management objectives in a cost efficient manner. Some of Mr. Ramsey’s projects include:


  • Sustainability for Department of Defense training operations

  • Hawai’i Department of Health Technical Guidance Manual for Implementation of Hawai’i State Contingency Plan

  • Risk Assessment of Riparian Zone for Department of Energy

  • Assist in update of Quality Assurance Guidelines for Environmental Measurements for Bureau of Reclamation

  • Develop guidance for Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

  • Facilitate development of new biological water quality standards for State of Hawai’i

  • St. Regis Mohawk Tribe design for health evaluation of fish

  • Design environmental characterization strategies with Defense Research and Development (Canada)

  • Demonstration project with international environmental researchers from multitude of countries for the exchange of environmental technologies

  • Works with US Army Corps of Engineers as technical expert to develop novel data collection techniques for monitoring of waste, soil, vegetation, sediment, snow, and surface water

  • Evaluation of remediation effectiveness for mushrooms and other natural treatments

  • Evaluation of storm water impact data for EPA

  • Deepwater Horizon (BP Gulf) Oil Spill data integrity/legal issues

  • Work with Decision Support Data Tools for the CRUX II: Development of a Mapper-Decision Support System in Support of Lunar and Planetary Exploration project for NASA

  • Develop new methodology to obtain defensible data in support of determining the effect of abandoned mines on watersheds with USGS

  • Technical training of stakeholders for SE Idaho Phosphate Mining District

  • Obtain patent for Liquid Sampler designed for use with characterizing surface water allowing more representative sampling

  • Measurement of percent content of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in domestic and exported foods

  • Develop field sampling method and laboratory processing portions of EPA Method 8330B

  • Evaluate research proposals made to EPA for technical merit and recommendation of funding support

  • Peer reviewer for several journal articles and EPA reports including: Guidance for Choosing a Sampling Design for Environmental Data Collection (EPA QA/G-5S), Data Quality Assessment: A Reviewers Guide (EPA QA/G9R), and Data Quality Assessment: Statistical Methods for Practitioners (EPA QA/G9S)

Director of Environmental Impact 

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