The Ocean has a great wealth of information that we still don’t understand to this day and learning about the sea life is our responsibility. We need to give the greatest effort to these and all life forms that share our planet.  This journey will take us to places through out the world and within ourselves that we didn't know existed.


Greatest need area's of research:  Shark, Coral reefs, open ocean ( exploring), the effects of trash on our oceans, sampling areas of interest to monitor changing ocean conditions. 

Ocean Guardian uses non-lethal protective research, or works as a support to other research groups and scientists. We support protective research methods used to change the negative condition of our oceans for the betterment of our planet.  is critical non-lethal which animatedly defends the protection of all ocean life.  We are the Warriors of the Sea and we will not fail in our efforts explore and protect the Oceans, Ocean life and people around the world.

Exploring the last frontier