Operation Cook Islands

"Operation Cook Island" is a joint three-part mission: Humanitarian mission,  Shark Research Project and Ocean cleaning.  (Planning  Phase  of Operation). OCEAN GUARDIAN has been given special permission by the Prime Minister of the Cook Islands to work with Steve Lyons and the Cook islands Staff to serve the Island people.  Mission date: March - April 2018 

      Restoring the Mighty Acushnet 

Mission: OCEANIC remediation: Starting with the Cook Islands and moving our way to the Pacific Garbage Patch. We will clean islands start with the surface, midwater and ocean bottom to bring back the health of our Ocean. 

" Looking to the past to protect our Future"

The Acushnet is an honored and very reliable former United States Coast Guard Cutter that will carry out the daunting task of patrolling and cleaning the oceans. This is the right tool to attack these problems causing the decline of our oceans around the world.  

OCEAN GUARDIAN working on International educational programs, that are designed to bring the seriousness of the oceans and the health of our planet into the forefront of our information outlay. This is a village location in the Philippines where we provide meals,  educational materials and instruction  on current environmental health issues. This is how far OG is willing to to bring this message of our oceans and water ways to the world around us. This allows to build a stronger team effort around the world and get feedback from all age and educational ranges, on how to deal with these problems. We are always open to those who wish to make the worlds a better place. 

 L.A.R is a Division of OCEAN GUARDIAN that takes the same passion for the oceans and marine life protection to the land masses of the world. We are always looking to help protect all  animals from animal cruelty, abuse, torture, death and or extinction.




Recognizing the enormity of the challenges our Oceans face, OCEAN GUARDIAN is dedicated to making a lasting impact through our campaigns and programs. While our efforts are driven by our organization’s singular focus, we spread a wide net by investing in a variety of progressive strategies. Learn more about our initiatives and get involved yourself.

photo credit OG & AP

We have partnered with the World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation  and  with Random Wind Charters on the island of St. Marten.  All of us have redirected our main focus toward humanitarian efforts on St. Marten. We are raising funds for St Marten to proved effective support for the  people and their relief effort; "To live through and rebuild".   We are focusing  on children and those most in need of food, temporary shelter and medical attention.

Relief without Boarders

 OG and the NMLEA have teamed up because We are currently being asked by eight different counties to help patrol their coastal areas to help protect them from environmental destruction, trash,  Illegal fishing, dumping of dangerous or toxic materials and the killing of endangered marine life.