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  • Founder
    National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy


  • Mr. Wells has served in law enforcement for twenty-three years. A former Special Agent with the United States Coast Guard Investigative Service, Mr. Wells served in an undercover capacity in numerous successful drug investigations. He has been involved with protective operations afloat during the 1984 Presidential campaigns, as well as for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England with the Royal Yacht, HMY Britannia.

  • As a master instructor at the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Mr. Wells taught maritime law enforcement and port security operations. Later assigned to the port security training detachment, Mr. Wells trained Coxswains on the  NAPCO Raiders in Tactical Boat Operations for deployment to Desert Shield/Storm.  In 1993 Mr. Wells joined the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center as a lead instructor in the Physical Techniques Division. While there, he was asked to assist with instruction and course design for the Marine Training Division.

  • Mr. Wells completed a Coast Guard Reserve tour with the International Training Division where he assisted developing nations (Haiti, Bulgaria, Uganda, and the Republic of Georgia) build their Coast Guards and maritime law enforcement, divisions. Mr. Wells also instructed for the USCG Training Center’s International Maritime Officers Course (IMOC) which trains officers from around the world in various aspects of the United States Coast Guard's missions.

  • Mr. Wells founded Wells and Associates, an international law enforcement and security consulting and training company that provides physical, technical, and training expertise with an emphasis on the maritime community.  Mr. Wells has provided security training to the British Embassy since 2000.  He is a faculty advisor for the international scholar laureate program on diplomacy, Australia 2008 and China 2009.  He has lectured at the Naval War College on Coast Guard and Port Security operations. Mr. Wells had consulted for MPRI on Maritime and Police training issues in São Tomé e Principe, and Equatorial Guinea. The National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy is headquartered in Washington D.C.

Robert Wells

Director of Operations 

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