Sponsorship Opportunities

OCEAN GUARDIAN relies on generous sponsors and supporters which allows us to do our critical work around the world. Cleaning our Oceans is a massive undertaking and our Sponsors provide us with funding, goods and or services for these missions, in exchange they receive different types of benefits. There is a whole range of opportunities for those who are  Environmentally aware of the situations that we are dealing with and who want to get involved on a national and global level.



Some of the benefits can include the following:

* The Honored "Plank" owner program for the  Highly Decorated and historic Acushnet that comes

   with very special privileges depending on level of Plank ownership 

* Hosting special event on  Highly Decorated and Historic Acushnet along with her crew in the port

  of your choice

  ( USA requires advanced notice,  Overseas venues requires 6 month notice )


  Special voyage and dinner with our crew and captain 


* The Highly Decorated and Historic Acushnet pictures and Poster signed by highly specialized 

   crew thanking you for your support


   Your logo on our website as a  partner.

We would love to hear from you