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Married to Jerry T Castillo, Lives in Pila, Laguna Philippines 


Graduated from the University of the Philippines at Los Banos, with a Bachelor of Science degree in forestry.  Vilma then went on to work as a college instructor at the southern Luzon Polytechnic University.  Vilma's works hard to focuses on  "Natural Resources" fighting the garbage problem in the oceans with critical educational programs in the Philippines. Vilma's provides food for those who have little, along with educational materials to bring the full scope of the educational experience to those who have none.  She provides instruction so others can get a clear understanding of whats going on within the world's oceans. Vilmas uncanny technical and scientific proficiency in how trash on land Impact's our oceans was the deciding factor for taking her proven educational program for OCEAN GUARDIAN  to a global level.  With her relentless dedication, relying on her personal experiences and extensive knowledge She is a force that will help change our Oceans "For the future of our planet"



Vilma Castillo
Direct of operations /
Education,  Philippines 
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